How to stop trichotillomania in 3 steps and 10 minutes in 2023

Andreas Larsen
10 min readSep 13, 2019
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If You’ve Tried Everything, Read This BEFORE the 3 Steps:

I wrote this article when I first learned how to beat Trich — after pulling 70+ hairs a day for 6 years…

Since then I’ve received so many emails from people finally stopping. I love you all.

Over time, I slowly started to do 1–1 sessions.

It’s been a crazy ride.

But here’s my current track record – compared to Trichstop and Habitaware:

Based on their website data.
Based on their website data.

I’m very excited to build the best offer for hair-pullers out there.

It’s been amazing so far…

And it’s going to be even better going forward. You’re awesome.

So here’s what I decided to do:

I’m going to offer the 1st session for free to anyone who wants it.

And because over 90% feel a big reduction in pulling after that session, I know I’ll help a lot of people.

If you’ve tried everything, you can most likely drastically reduce your pulling in 50 minutes, for FREE, at


I’m not sure how long I can keep offering a free 1st session…

Because no-one else does this. Literally no-one else offers a free session…


The spots get filled up fast every week.

So if you struggle now and haven’t been able to stop (even if you’ve tried a laundry list of different treatments) — book a FREE 50-minute session on

You’ll feel better, faster.

Again, I love you all!

Take care,

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